HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- The Hampton School Board will consider making changes to its unpaid school lunch policy. This will affect students who have reduced lunches or pay full price.

Diana Gulotta with Hampton City Schools said in a rare occasion (just over one-half of a percent of the time), trays have been held in cases in which a student doesn't return to pay for the meal at the high school level.

Some changes the board will discuss is allowing Elementary and middle school students to be able to charge up to 10 meals under the policy. High Schoolers will be allowed to charge one breakfast and one lunch meal.

The new policy is being implemented to comply with federal rules and is supposed to be in place by July 1st.

Another change to be considered is turning delinquent school meal debts over to a collection agency if they are not paid within a reasonable time.

Schools participating in the National School Lunch Program get free and reduced-price lunches reimbursed through the federal program.

The School Board will discuss the proposed policy at Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

13News Now reached out to the cities of Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Suffolk about their unpaid lunch policies and if any changes needed to be made. We received the following responses:


Suffolk Public Schools does not have any plans of changing our current student charge policy.


Chesapeake Public Schools is in compliance with the directive and there is no policy change required.


VBCPS is not considering policy changes related to school lunch accounts. In February 2016, we made operational adjustments to food services for students with overdrawn lunch accounts, but that did not require a policy change.


NNPS is making some minor changes to its meal policy to bring it in alignment with our current practices. Students can receive meals if they have a negative account balance. If their accounts reach an identified amount, an alternate meal is served. Our first priority is to ensure that all students receive nutritious meals at school to support their learning.