CHESAPEAKE, Va (WVEC) -- Shane Hollar says he just started feeling a sense of comfort at his farm until Sunday night when his horse’s tail was cut, again.

“I’m a sensible guy, but a man can only take so much,” he said.

Someone cut his horse, Chloe’s, tail in the dark of the morning. It happened at his farm off Head of River Road.

“It doesn’t physically hurt her, but horses have feelings just like everybody else does,” Hollar explained.

Chloe was in her barn when the incident happened, but the lock wasn’t secured.

Hollar said he felt things were safer after almost year ago when Chloe and another one of his horse’s tails were cut.

“What irks me a lot is that she doesn’t have a tail to begin with!” Hollar said.

Hollar filed a police report last time, but nothing developed, so he took to social media.
The post has been shared hundreds of times and he’s hoping others will come forward with information.

“It HAS to be the same people doing this!” said Hollar.

He thinks someone is selling the horse hair online because wads can go for big bucks.

The consequences are devastating for his horses because it means they can’t compete in shows and they have a harder time swatting harmful bugs.

Hollar had one warning to the thieves.

"I recommend you don't come around this place anymore,” he said.

Back in June, horse tails were cut at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach. At the time, officials believed that was an isolated incident.

13News Now reached out to Navy officials for an update in the case on Thursday, but we haven’t heard back.

Hollar said he’s had to lock up his horses at night as a result of the most recent incident.