VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- (WVEC) -- It's an everyday joy for Christina Marshall, coming to Naval Air Station Oceana Stables to care for her horse Harley.

"He's my boy, we're partners, we ride together,” she said. “He is my muse."

She says there have never been issues until last Wednesday when she got a surprise.

"I was enraged,” said Marshall. "Somebody's out there cutting horses' tails!"

Marshall says she called Oceana security for help, then went back to the pastures where she saw a man allegedly trying to cut another horse.

"When he looked up and saw me, he took off all the way back to where the medical clinic is," Marshall said.

Oceana spokesperson, Jennifer Colaizzi, says in the end, two horses were cropped. She couldn’t give many details other than saying it’s an active investigation.

Marshall thinks the person is familiar with the stables.

"We know it's somebody who has a Military I.D. because they had to be able to get onto Oceana," said Marshall.

Marshall says the act didn't hurt her horse, but came close to harming his tailbone.

As to a motive, she says it could be money, as hair goes for high prices online. Recently, Marshall said she saw horse-hair wigs on Craigslist for up to $300.

She says the incident is also cutting into her and other another owners’ pockets. She’s been in contact with the owner of the other horse, Dreamer, who competes in shows. He now has a disadvantage.

"If Dreamer would have won, that's a pretty penny," Marshall explained.

On top of all of this, according to Marshall, Harley's tail won't grow back because he's too old. That’s a problem for life outdoors when it comes to swatting away flies and bugs.

"They have little bite marks, they keep bleeding," said Marshall.

Colaizzi said it’s too early to speculate on any punishment a violator could face.

She said these particular horses are not government property since owners pay for boarding services.