VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A day after a winter storm dumped up to a foot of snow in Hampton Roads, drivers are frequently finding themselves stuck in ice and snow.

Some drivers successfully get out, while others aren't so lucky. On Friday morning, a truck burst into flames while trying to get out of the snow. He told 13News Now he rocked his car back-and-forth using drive and reverse, but at some point the transmission caught fire.

"That can happen if you let the tires spin too much trying to get momentum," said Scott Mitchell, fleet operations manager for AAA Tidewater. He said you can rock your car back-and-forth using drive and reverse, but there's a proper way to do it.

"Straighten the wheels and you'll want to use a rocking method, forward and backwards at low speed. You don't want to gun the tires and let them spin. That's not gonna give you any traction," said Mitchell.

You also don't want to let a non-professional attach a chain to your car. It could cause serious damage.

What might get you out is digging snow and ice away from the tires. If that fails, put something underneath the tires, like floor mats. If you still can't get out, tow companies and AAA are out in full force to help. They just ask for patience, and for people to stay off the roads if possible.

On Thursday AAA told us they got about 500 calls for help. They weren't able to tow cars because the roads were so treacherous. Employees could only help pull vehicles out of snow banks.

By Friday, the company said conditions improved enough for them to tow again. As of Friday morning, they had already received more than 300 calls.