VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- At Bluepearl Pet Hospital in Virginia Beach you’ll hear little whimpers underneath the beeps of a heart rate monitor.

It's the world 12-week-old puppy Muna is living in right now.

The mixed-breed pooch is recovering from life-saving surgery.

“She was a diagnosed with a vascular ring anomaly,” said surgeon Anemone Andronescu. “She wouldn’t have had a long life.”

But surviving is something the ten-pound puppy has gotten used to in her short life.

Before coming here to Virginia Beach, Muna lived in Houston, Texas.

“Muna is a little rescue dog from Hurricane Harvey.”

Rescuers spotted Muna tied to the front porch of a home during the devastating hurricane.

They convinced the home owners to turn her over, and that’s when she was picked up by a local shelter here in Hampton Roads. Soon after that she found Dr. Andronescu.

“She’s already up and about and eating…ready to return to a normal lifestyle,” said Andronescu.

You wouldn’t know it looking at by looking at her sweet face, but in her only months on earth Muna has been through a lot.

“Very patient for a little puppy,” said Andronescu.

And once she’s fully recovered she’ll be put up for adoption and eventually find a forever home.