JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- In a 3 to 2 vote on Tuesday, the switching station permit has been approved for the Peninsula.

The James City County Board of Supervisors agreed on the project that plans to bring cleaner and more reliable energy to the 600,000 people who live and work on the Peninsula.

The Army Corps of Engineers approved the final permit for the utility to built a transmission line across the James River on July 8.

The eight-mile long, 17 tower line is the only way for the energy to safely cross the river.

According to Dominion Energy, numerous alternative route were considered like placing the line under the river. These other options did not meet strict electrical and reliability standards.

The line will not be visible from the Jamestown Fort, The Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Williamsburg, or the Revolutionary Yorktown Battlefield.

This project was examined over the past five years with plenty of opportunities for the public to participate and add comments. The state supreme court was also involved.