COLLEGE STATION, Texas - In Texas, there is campus carry and even open carry. But one state lawmaker wants Texans to have the option to carry a firearm without a license at all. It's all part of House Bill 375, which will be on the table during the upcoming legislative session.

The bill, drafted by Republican Jonathan Stickland, would make a concealed carry license optional.

But Barry Burdett, who sells guns at his family's business, Burdett & Son, says people packing without a license could lack knowledge.

"You'd be more familiar with a firearm or handgun because you have to pass a proficiency exam, which would show you can operate it," he said.

House Bill 375 wouldn't impact laws on who or how a person buys a gun or where they carry it.

Burdett says he isn't really afraid of people potentially carrying without a license. He says there's a bigger problem.

"I'm more worried about public safety and that people that aren't licensed and are criminals are probably carrying guns everyday."

The legislative session begins January 10 and the bill must pass the House, Senate and Governor Abbott before it becomes a law.