CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Mother Allison Perry says she may live in Virginia but her heart is in Texas, as she prays for her sons, living on the Gulf Coast, as Hurricane Harvey hits land.

Perry spoke with her 29-year-old son Ryan over Facetime Friday night. She is worried this could be the last chance she has to speak with her boys before Hurricane Harvey comes ashore.

“If they do evacuate are they going to have time to tell me where they are going? Are they going to lose cell service? How am I going to know? Am I going to be able to reach them,” questioned Perry.

All three of her sons, ages 22 to 31, live in Conroe Texas. She says growing up they went through some serious storms but this is the first one as adults without their mom.

“I wish I was there, I don’t know if I could help but just being a mom I want to be with my kids,” said Perry.

Perry knows all too well how devastating hurricanes can be. She left Texas after Hurricane Ike in 2008.

“We just started losing the trees, and the flooding, and the roofs, it was traumatizing, I was done,” said Perry.

However, her sons stayed behind and now Ryan just became a first-time home owner himself. Perry doesn’t want him to go through the mess that she did.

“Until someone tells him, ‘you got to get out,’ then he might go, ‘oh, my house,’” said Perry.

During their chat Ryan did all he could to keep his mother calm.

“She expects me to do whatever is necessary to take care of my loved ones,” said Ryan.

Perry got the last word, some simple but important motherly advice.

“Do what you have to do to be safe,” said Perry.