About 75 percent of Americans shopped for Christmas presents on Amazon this year. After all that clicking on the keyboard, some of them might need a drink and they're in luck.

Now you can buy your favorite Hampton Roads micro brew on Amazon too.

“We are always honored anytime we can sell beer in a place, we consider every time we get placement a win,” said Porter Hardy, owner of Smartmouth Brewing Company.

Smartmouth, along with Young Veterans Brewing Company and O'Connor Brewing Company are the first Hampton Roads Micro Brews to be sold on Amazon Prime Now.

“I'll be really curious to see how it goes, it will be a fascinating experiment more than anything else,” said Hardy.

Just like you would buy clothes or electronics, people can shop for their favorite ale, and within two hours you'll have a pint in your hand. Delivery is free as long as you spend at least $35 dollars.

“Obviously there is a lot of good beer being made in Hampton Roads, there are lots of great choices and Amazon will probably widen their selection if the three of us prove successful,” said Hardy.

Local beer drinkers are definitely buzzed about the idea.

“I think people who have busy lives and busy schedules it's easier you can just order it,” said Lauren Morris of Norfolk.

“We get milk and eggs delivered every other week or so I think beer delivery sounds perfect,” said Mike Armstrong of Chesapeake.

“You'll see a better variety, you'll see something you might not see at your local store,” said Dan Armstrong of Chesapeake.

Porter said what's nice is Amazon does all the hard work, his responsibility is mainly the brewing.

“It's not like Smartmouth employees are running around to everybody's house delivering beer,” said Hardy. “For us Amazon is just like a Harris Teeter or a Farm Fresh or whoever, they buy the beer from the distributor and then sell it on line.”

If you do order beer through Amazon Prime Now you are required to have an ID, ready to prove you are of age, at the time of delivery.