CHESAPEAKE, VA (WVEC-TV) -- A gesture from Hampton Roads residents is very moving to members of the law enforcement community.

Mike Gordon and Adam Dibble hold End of Watch Runs for Hampton Roads police officers and detectives and members of the military who give their lives serving and protecting us. The events are done as a way for our community to never forget those men and women who've given so much to keep us safe. They're also done so their families and friends and colleagues can know our community appreciates the jobs they did for us.

They're holding their next EOW Run on Saturday, January 21st at Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake to honor Detective Jarrod Shivers, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2008 while he was executing a drug warrant at a home in Chesapeake.

Mike and Adam's effort to honor and remember him, touches Chesapeake Sgt. W. Chadwick -- he and Detective Shivers were buddies who met in the Police Academy.

"He taught me about the enthusiasm for the job," Sgt. Chadwick said. "He always had a smile on his face. He was very excited to come to work."

Sgt. Chadwick is happy that members of the public want to keep his friend's spirit alive all of these years later.

"For these guys to come forward and do what they're doing just to shake our hands and say hey, we remember Detective Shivers -- it means the world to me," Sgt. Chadwick said.

"We're thankful," Adam said. "Really thankful for what you do.......watching the news, you see where a lot of people don't support you guys. We're opposite."

"There are people out here that care about what we do and recognize that we are out here doing a tough job under tough circumstances and it's nice to know that people support us in that," Sgt. Chadwick said.