VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- Chase Anthony and his buddies at Princess Anne Middle School are showing all of us the power of their "Pink Posse." That's what they call themselves as they joined forces to try and beat breast cancer.

About 4 years ago, Chase started a movement. He calls it "Chase-ing For A Cure". He did it to honor his 3rd grade teacher at Strawbridge Elementary School -- Mrs.Laurie Dreelin -- who he saw bravely battle breast cancer.

"She was a very positive, uplifting person," Chase said. "I miss her a lot."

Chase says he saw her fight for her life and still always make sure she had time for her students. Chase says she always encouraged them to never give up if their schoolwork got too hard.

That's the type of fighting spirit she used to take on breast cancer and it's the same fighting spirit Chase tries to pass on to others battling it now.

"For people who are living with breast cancer I want to tell you to never stop fighting," Chase said. "Everyday may be a battle but you still have to get through it and you will."

Chase and his friends don't only try to inspire others, they also raise money so they can get the medical treatment they need. And they raise money for breast cancer research. In 4 years, their "Pink Posse" has held car washes, ran lemonade stands,held sporting tournaments -- anything to help "Chase-ing For A Cure" raise money for the local chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

So far, the kids have donated a staggering $40,000.

"It's very special," said Lisa Chacon of the Tidewater Susan G. Komen Chapter. "At first it started as a kid and his friends who wanted to donate birthday money and $40,000 dollars later it's grown to this.........that money will help with mammograms, diagnostics, treatment support, transportation, prosthetics. Anything for a woman or man going through the breast cancer journey. "

It will also go towards breast cancer research. Chase knows he's only 13, but he says kids can do powerful things.

There's definitely a lot of power in his Pink Posse.

"I really feel touched and honored to have people around me that are coming together to help embrace my cause," Chase said.

Chase has won several awards for his volunteer work. He also speaks at several area schools to educate other kids about breast cancer and to encourage them to make their mark and join the Pink Posse.

His next big "Chase-ing For A Cure" event with the Pink Posse is November 15th starting at 5 p.m. at Gino's Pizzeria by Maurizio. If you eat there that night, some of the proceeds will go towards "Chase-ing For A Cure".

The restaurant is located at 1479 General Booth Bvd#102 in Virginia Beach.

For more information about that event call 757 437-0189.