NORFOLK, VA (WVEC-TV) -- At one time, Mark Young was a Hampton Roads baseball phenom......until he was hit with a brain tumor.

Mark was a standout pitcher for Norfolk State University. Several Major League teams were scouting him -- including The Chicago Cubs and White Sox, The Washington Nationals, The Milwaukee Brewers and The Texas Rangers. He was 21 and loving life.

It all changed in 2006. He started having headaches and his parents noticed a lump on his neck. They took Mark to the hospital and a team of doctors and nurses saved his life. His parents became MVP's of support. Still, Mark was left wondering: "Am I gonna die?" he said.

Mark went through years of physical therapy. He had to learn how to walk and run again. Now, he can even pick up a baseball and throw again. He even coaches two local kids' teams -- the ODH hitters and the Coastal Crushers -- and he says it is a true blessing. He says it means everything just to be able to play catch with the kids.

He also works as a teacher's assistant at Camp Allen Elementary School in Norfolk.

Mark is using his experience to inspire others to stay strong and know that it is possible to move forward when life throws you a curve.

"Don't give up, just keep going," Mark said. "Put God first."