VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- When it snows, you usually don't find eleven year-old boys volunteering to shovel walkways and driveways.

But, in Virginia Beach, Noah Wade and Lakota Michie are snow angels in their neighborhood. A day after the storm hit, they gave up their snowball fights to shovel the walkway and driveway for an injured neighbor who's recovering from shoulder surgery. Her name is Miss Susan.

"The kids are fabulous," Susan said. "I thought it was so kind for them to come over."

"We just wanted to help her out, do the right thing," Noah said.

"We're trying to help her out so she can at least walk and she doesn't trip or fall," Lakota said.

"it just touches my heart in so many ways," Susan said. "And it says a lot about their character."

They live in a tight-knit neighborhood. You know, the kind where everyone looks after each other. And this isn't the first time Noah and Lakota have looked after Miss Susan.

Another time was in July when her husband died of a heart attack.

That was when Noah, Lakota, and other neighbors came together to help Miss Susan with chores around the house and to help boost her spirits.

"We helped her get through the tough times," Noah said.

"The simplest things mean so much," Miss Susan said. "Putting my trash cans out on trash day. Helping me keep the yard mowed, keep things tidied up."

And now with the snow storm, they were at it again with another act of kindness. This time -- clearing her walkway so Miss Susan can move forward again.

"It made me feel really good," Noah said. "It made me feel like I was doing the right thing."

And for doing the right thing, Noah and Lakota got a big old hug and some of Miss Susan's famously-delicious hot cocoa.