VIRGINIA BEACH,VA (WVEC) -- Damon Hayward can't walk, but, the word "can't" isn't something he thinks about.

"No, not at all. Not at all," he said. "There's nothing that I can't do."

It's that type of spirit and attitude that Dallas Norman hopes to spread among more disabled people here in Hampton Roads.

Dallas started a non-profit called "VBAW" -- Virginia Beach Adaptive Watersports. He owns the rights to Lake Witchduck in Virginia Beach and often invites members of the disabled community to enjoy a day out on the water doing a sport that he loves: water skiing.

He realizes it's a challenge for many of them, and that's the point.

Damon gets it.

"It's about overcoming the hardships in a lot of our lives," Damon said. "Just coming out here, having a good time and then when you're back home in your situation, you're thinking, 'Oh.' You know, you have the confidence to do what it is you're thinking about, because you just did something that you never thought you never could do, you know, sitting out here."

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And this summer, Dallas hopes to expand this into a camp for disabled people and able-bodied people to conquer their challenges together. He has special equipment made for disabled people so they can flourish and experience new thrills on the water.

"It just fills my heart to do this," Dallas said. "God has given me a purpose."

Damon, who can water ski, climb ropes with his wheelchair, and who plays in competitive wheelchair basketball leagues, loves what Dallas is doing and he hopes his dream camp becomes a big hit in Hampton Roads.

"He's a great guy," Damon said. "We always have good times every time I come out to visit, we sit down and talk. He's got me into this, so I'm all for Dallas."

Dallas hopes to open the camp this summer. He's hoping to get support from area businesses since VBAW is a non-profit venture.

For more information, go to VBAW's Facebook page.