NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Tony Brothers has a job that has him on the basketball court with some of the biggest stars in the NBA.

But he's scoring big points at home in Hampton Roads, helping to empower children by being a positive role model and encouraging them to succeed in the classroom and in the community.

Tony says one of the best calls he's made has happened off of the basketball court. Here at home, he started a nonprofit group called "Men for Hope." He and his teammates spend a lot of time trying to improve others' lives in Hampton Roads.

In the last year, they participated in a holiday toy drive that benefited more than 150 children affiliated with the Hunton YMCA and children who were affected by a fire in Portsmouth. They distributed 90 turkeys to families for Thanksgiving and also helped the team at 13News Now fix up the William A. Hunton YMCA in Norfolk for our "Make A Difference Day." We painted the walls, helped to rewire computer rooms, and we spruced up the grounds outside.

Their latest project is adopting Booker T. Washington High School -- where Tony went to school. Members of Men for Hope will speak to classes and help students get on the right track where college is concerned. That's what Tony did today.

"I don't want you to be discouraged that people tell you that there is no hope -- you don't have any chance of doing anything or whatever," Tony told a crowd of students. "There are so many people here who want you to succeed."

Tony Brothers is one of them -- the NBA ref whose making his mark with fantastic calls at home with Men for Hope.

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