VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Jordan Provencher is getting ready to walk across the country to raise awareness about diabetes. It will take him about six months to complete but it’s for a cause that's dear to his heart.

“I’m walking coast to coast from Virginia Beach to San Diego trying to raise money for the American Diabetes Association,” said Provencher.

Provencher said his hike across the country started as a little idea but has now turned into a purposeful journey. In 2012 Provencher’s mother died in her sleep due to complications with diabetes. She suffered with the disease throughout her life.

“She had it since she was a child and towards the end of her life it ended up getting really bad. She was a Type 1 insulin dependent and a lot of her diet was very strict,” said Provencher.

He hopes his trip across the country will improve his life but also and educate others about the diabetes.

“I’m a bigger man and I know doing this it will help me lose weight and get my health on track. And that people would see that and kind of inspire themselves to take their own life their own health into their own hands,” said Provencher.

He will only have what he can carry on his back in a backpack along the journey. He’ll track his progress across the country on Instagram under the name Jordan Gumpp. He’s also hoping to raise money for his trip on GoFundMe and to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

Provencher said preparing for the trip mentally has been the tough. He hopes that the steps he’s taking will help someone else in the future.

“If I can help others see the warning signs and generally know what’s coming in their life and for their loved ones. I feel like I did my part,” said Provencher.