A family reportedly from Damascus, Md. is feeling the wrath of the internet after posting a prank video that leaves their child in tears.

The video is titled "the invisible ink prank." It's a prank filled with profanity and a scared child, their son Cody. After the parents spread invisible ink all over the room, the video on YouTube shows the parents using profanity as they blame Cody.

Cody runs upstairs to see the mess and the accusations and yelling continue for several minutes. It was then revealed it was all a joke.

It was not so funny to the throngs of YouTube viewers who were quick to express their disgust. One person wrote, "I hope the parents burn in hell". Another person wrote, "#childabuse".

The father Mike Martin calls himself a blogger. His prank videos have been viewed millions of times. The video in question has since been taken down.

"I would think people would be outraged. You wonder if this is what is going on while it's videotaping, you wonder about the circumstances in the family," said Marie Dean, a retired teacher in Damascus.

In response the family posted a video called Blocking All the Haters. On Monday, the family issued the following apology:

"We deeply apologize for your feelings of concern.
We do not condone child abuse in any way, shape or form.
We are a loving close-knit family."

After backlash from the community, the family decided to take down all their videos at this time.


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