COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The Brazos County Emergency Notification System was started in 2003 and was created to alert the community of local emergencies that occur day or night.

Michele Meade with the Brazos County Department of Emergency Management says this system has been instrumental in notifying the community during various emergency situations.

"It speeds up the process of notifying people in that area to be on the lookout for whatever we are asking them to look out for," said Meade.

The system allows first responders and emergency agencies to alert both land lines and registered cell phones inside a specified area.

"It has capabilities of doing geographical call outs if we have say hazardous material incidents that require either people to shelter in place, to evacuate or as in the case of yesterday where we have a missing person," said Meade.

In the case of Sunday's emergency notification, College Station officials say the ability to alert the public was instrumental in helping find the missing child.

"Sometimes the public is one of our greatest assets, in this case we did have a reported sighting from somebody who was aware of what was going on, called us in and we were able to start directing resources to that general area," said College Station Assistant Police Chief Chuck Fleeger.