A Tennessee based baking business became engrossed in a Twitter war over the weekend roasting people who insult the snack.

MoonPies, long a forgotten snack brand consisting of a combination of marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate, are made in Chattanooga.

It all started Friday when Twitter user KaelaDianne97 tweeted, "Nobody likes moon pies."

Moonpie responded. "Yes they do."

Things got heated fast:

One day later, another Twitter user mocked MoonPie: "Youre (sic) time is wasted managing a social media account."

MoonPie replied: "Buddy it's saturday night and you're talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet."

The tweet, caught in a screenshot by Business Insider, went viral with more than 216,000 likes as of Monday evening. The original Twitter user, @sigurbjornl, later deleted his tweet.

Regardless of the brand's critics, others took to defend the sandwich.

This isn't the first time the MoonPie Twitter account has doled out some sass. Case in point: this tweet from right before the 2017 Solar Eclipse when Hostess Snacks declared its Golden CupCakes the "official snack of the eclipse."

So the question remains, just who is managing the MoonPie Twitter account?

Several people have an idea.

Regardless, it seems the MoonPie account now has a slew of new followers. It even took some time Tuesday to lay down the ground rules.