NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) Thomas Almberg, a Chesapeake Fire Lieutenant, has pleaded guilty on federal charges of soliciting a minor online.

Police arrested Almberg, 49, back in June and charged him with 10 counts of using a communication device to solicit a minor, and two counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

Almberg is now facing a mandatory 10 year-to-life sentence in prison. He is expected to be sentenced on January 24.

The documents outline pages of sexually explicit conversations between the victim and Almberg. The victim was actually a 15-year old boy, portraying himself as a 16-year old girl. Between February and March of 2016, Almberg told the victim he loved her, talked about his marital problems, and discussed his promotion at work.

In excerpts of their conversations, Almberg also talked extensively about engaging in various sexual acts with the victim, requesting pictures of the teen. According to court records, Almberg was brought in for questioning by police on May 25. In an interview with federal agents, Almberg admitted to having "bad" conversations with the victim and sending nude pictures of himself to the minor.

In that same interview, Almberg also admitted to having contact with another 16-year old girl from Elizabeth City. He told investigators he recently drove down to meet her at the restaurant where she worked. Investigators interviewed the second victim who told them Almberg suggested they go to a hotel together to have sexual intercourse.

Almberg was with the Chesapeake Fire Department since October of 1999.