CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A Chesapeake mom spent the day sitting by the phone waiting to hear from her three sons who all live in flood-ravaged Conroe, Texas.

13News Now last spoke with Allison Perry on Friday night right before the hurricane hit land. She just wishes she could be in Texas with her boys. She said the water is rising and her heart is sinking.

“All night I’ve been thinking, 'Where are they? Are they ok?' Because I couldn’t reach them and I said goodnight to each of them and I didn’t get responses,” said Perry.

Perry’s three sons, Matt, 31, Ryan, 29, and Nick, 22, are all hunkered down in different homes.

“It’s just not a good situation knowing that you have loved ones in a terrible situation and you can’t do anything.”

Perry is most worried about Ryan. He and his wife just bought a brand new home and they can’t get out of the neighborhood. The water is too high.

“He said my backyard is completely underwater and it's coming to the door,” said Perry. “It’s a pretty sure thing they are going to get water inside that house, my heart breaks for them.”

Perry had been trying to call her son all morning, then right after our interview, Ryan Hake picked up and gave his mother the update she had been waiting for.

“They just released the dam nearby us and that did flood some neighborhoods in the city,” said Hake.

Hake said at this point water hasn’t gotten inside his home but he and his wife are prepared to evacuate at any moment.

“We had the conversation last night where we actually started thinking about flood damage,” said Hake.

Perry is relieved her son is okay but with more rain on the way she will remain a stressed-out mom for the next few days.

“If it continues to rain like this pretty soon, the water is going to have to go somewhere so I’m hoping it stays away and he doesn’t have to evacuate, but I think he’s a little optimistic,” said Perry.