CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Each day thousands of officers hit the streets and pull people over. A ticket can easily ruin someone's day.

On Friday, instead of handing out tickets, Chesapeake Police spread holiday cheer.

With the help of the Chesapeake Jubilee, around 20 officers passed out 100 turkeys. Officer Pashun Cannon, and Master Police Officer Anthony Duez, teamed up to spot traffic violators. The first person they pulled over for speeding, Janee Jones, was having a bad day.

The turkey instead of ticket however, turned Jones' day around.

"It means a lot because Christmas time you already trying to make sure kids have a good Christmas, and to get something, as a turkey, is a blessing either way," said Jones.

The act of giving is something that Cannon and Duez, are finding joy in as well.

"It shows them that we care, that we care about the community that we live in, as well as protecting them," said Cannon.