CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Fighting back tears, Lindsay Kunz reflects on leaving the Miami-Dade County area to escape Irma.

The Coast Guard wife loaded her 13-year old son Dominic in a small 2004 two-door Toyota Celica as well what she calls her four "fur babies" -- one cat and three dogs -- into the car to drive to Chesapeake.

Kunz's husband had to stay behind.

"Not having my husband here is the hardest part, he's with the Coast Guard. They're out in the Atlantic floating around somewhere... who knows, we have nothing up-to-date for anything," said Kunz.

Kunz said the trip from Florida to Virginia was much longer than usual as countless others tried to evacuate.

"It was just stop and go, stop and go, because you've got so many people running out of gas. Everybody was a hot mess there's nothing to explain what everybody's going through," she said.

The Coast Guard wife had a camera in her Florida home, but the power went out so she wonders if she will have a phone to return to after Irma leaves her mark on Florida.

"We have nothing we have no way of telling what's the deal with our house. Last I heard, we have tornadoes. It's just a waiting game, it's scary," said Kunz.