CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- About a dozen undercover police officers raided a smoke shop on Military Highway Thursday. Two have been arrested.

Police had a search warrant for the Happy Daze store.

“There were a lot of police, this is a thing like cops on TV or something, with all the police that showed up,” said Timothy Harvey, who owns the vacant lot just feet away from where the raid took place.

Police investigated both the business and a house right next door. Everyone inside both places was asked to leave. Happy Daze was shut down.

The business' Facebook page says: "Happy Daze is the One Stop Shop for all of your smoking, vaping, and herbal needs! We offer tons of products such as Kava, Tobacco Pipes, Vapes & More!!!"

"No trespassing" signs were posted at the doors of both locations. On the signs it read, “this structure is unfit for habitation and its use or occupancy has been prohibited by order of Code Official.”

“This isn’t a zoning issue though because I talked to the city people here, this is something else going on here, I’m not sure what it is,” said Harvey. “Hopefully they are going to clean up this little place right here.”

Police also towed away a pickup truck and a large boat from the scene. Harvey said the people living inside the house have been trouble since day one.

“People moved in and they blacked out the curtains and everything so you couldn’t tell they were living there,” said Harvey.

He said people were coming and going all hours of the night. While outside the yard was filled with trash.

“There were tires and everything, and I asked them to clean the place up and they never would,” said Harvey.

Harvey said he’s glad the police got involved and the whole neighborhood will benefit.

“If it stayed like it was, this property would just go down, I want Military Highway to build up, look good and with this right here it’s not going to happen,” said Harvey.

Subsequently, 55-year-old William Barnes was arrested and charged with two counts of Distribution of Schedule, Narcotic and Conspiracy to Distribute a Schedule, Narcotic.

Andrew Murphy, age 24, was also arrested and charged for Conspiracy to Distribute a Schedule Narcotic.