CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Hurricane Matthew not only knocked out power to thousands and brought about severe flooding for much of the area, the storm also unearthed dozens of caskets in Chesapeake.

Pictures show many of these caskets out of the ground at Centerville Chapel AME Church in the Mount Pleasant Heights neighborhood. The flood waters managed to move some of the caskets several feet. People aren't even sure what grave one of the caskets came from.

"The families, how they must feel," says neighbor Ginny Cooper. "Knowing that they buried their family, and now their familoes are above ground.

Matthew dumped heavy rain on this Chesapeake neighborhood, causing it to flood. Ginny says the downpour and the overflowing ditch that was blocked behind some homes caused the devastation.

She says similar flooding also happened during Hurricane Hermine.

"They graveyard was so full of water, when we looked over there, it looked like a pond," she says. "And some of the graves you couldn't even see."

Ginny wants something to be done quickly, so these loved ones can get back to their final resting place.

"I hope that someone can come in and put them down and set these caskets do, so they can be at peace again."

PHOTOS: Hurricane Matthew unearths caskets in Chesapeake