CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) - A stinky problem in a Chesapeake neighborhood. Residents on Wickford Dr. were hit with notices stating that trash cans bigger than 35 gallons are no longer acceptable.

Tiffany Carlson says she saw the notice on her trash can yesterday.

“If the trash can was more than 35 gallons, you could no longer keep them. It had to be less than 35 gallons and cannot be more than 60 pounds,” she said.

The 35-gallon limit is being enforced to prevent trash workers from getting hurt. This only applies to neighborhoods that don’t have automated collection trucks. The notice states that this will help reduce the number of injuries to waste management workers who must manually lift the containers or plastic bags and empty them into the garbage truck.

The City won’t provide the new cans—residents have to buy it themselves. If they don’t comply, their trash simply won’t be picked up. Tiffany says if the City is going to impose this rule, it should pay for the smaller trash cans. She’s also worried her street will soon have a trash pileup problem.

“Last week I had to leave trash out there for a whole extra week, and it just sat there, and it's just more trash for me, and I have nowhere to put it. It’s more trash cans in our yard, it’s more for us to have to drag out, it’s more for us to have to buy. It’s on us,” she said.

The City of Chesapeake could not be reached for comment on the matter Friday.