HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- A man who is facing charges after a string of crimes across three cities is heading back to the hospital for inpatient rehab.

Leonard Morrison II, who is now paraplegic, is going to a hospital Thursday for approximately two weeks and then he will be reassessed concerning his progress. Even after he leaves the hospital, he will continue to receive rehab services either at jail or at another healthcare facility.

According to Commonwealth's Attorney Anton Bell, Morrison will be under 24-hour security at the hospital and not allowed any visitors other than attorney.

Last month, police charged Morrison after a shooting involving a Hampton Police officer, a murder in Virginia Beach and a Game Stop robbery in Chesapeake.

A physical fight and struggle between Leonard Morrison and a Hampton police officer ended with Morrison allegedly shooting that officer with the policeman's own gun following a robbery at a Hampton Game Stop.

Before that, police say Morrison, along with Allen Ralph and James Gregory, robbed another Game Stop in Chesapeake. They then made their way to Hampton four hours later.

The officer who was shot had on a ballistic vest, and survived. Another officer on scene shot Morrison several times.

Morrison is also charged with first degree murder in a June 11 double homicide in Virginia Beach. He had not been able to appear in court before now, because he was hospitalized following the shooting.