It's hard to describe just how much the Langley Speedway racing community is like family. As it turns out the family reunion will be Saturday April 1 when the track is all set to reopen.

Langley had been the longest continually operated NASCAR sanctioned track in the country. For various reasons they had to shut down last season.

Track operator Bill Mullis was able to finally purchase instead of lease the Langley Speedway property.

The City of Hampton has also joined in a partnership by offering a grant from the state's tourism bureau. As part of the plan Hampton Mayor Donnie Tuck says, "For 10 years, we're basically going to rebate the amount of money they've been giving to us in taxes."

Mullis says to watch out for improvements at the track and said, "I have a plan that gives the speedway a lot of permanency. So, my personal goal is to preserve the speedway for many, many years."