NEWPORT NEWS, Va (WVEC) -- A Newport News mother remembered her son who was stabbed to death two years ago. This comes as she awaits the sentencing of his killer.

"It feels helpless,” said Collena Wells. "I wish I could have been here because I know I would have protected him."

Taiwo Douglas-Wells’ body was found near Newsome Park Elementary on October 1, 2014.

A 21-year old man reportedly attacked Douglas-Wells after a verbal altercation.

"Just one single stab wound," said Wells. "He was senselessly killed. Our family's torn apart."

Wells said Saturday's vigil with family and friends marks a path toward reaching closure. Closure that's not easy to find.

Wells said she hopes her son's death holds meaning for the community.

"I can relate to the continuous crimes here in Newport News. Chidren are dying," said Wells. "If we don't do anything to help our own neighborhood, and police our own neighborhoods, we don't have anyting at all."

Taiwo's killer was expected to be sentenced last Friday, but the date was moved to January.

The family still doesn't know why Taiwo was attacked and killed.

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