NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- He's trying to solve the hunger problem in his community.

A Newport News man is operating a food business out of his kitchen, and feeding people in need.

However he's operating without a business license, and now city officials are cracking down.

26-year-old Andre Gray says he spends hours upon hours in the kitchen every day, cooking meal after meal.

With the help of a couple of delivery drivers, he goes out and serves his community.

“I wanted to start having positive results and answering problems in my community,” Gray says.

Gray is the owner of Kitchen Kingpin. Once known as someone who sold drugs in Southeast Newport News, Gray says he's a changed man and wants to help others.

“That soccer mom who is coming home with her kids, she doesn’t have to go to Wendy's,” Gray says. “I can give you affordable food.

Gray has been operating kitchen kingpin for the last several months without any hiccups, but without a business license or a permit, he knows city officials will come knocking at his door soon.

City officials tell 13News Now Gray is responsible for not only a license but collecting a food and beverage tax among other requirements. If not he could face hundreds of dollars in fines.

“It shouldn't be taxed because it's for giving, this is a mission for our community,” Gray says. “It's no different than the church.”

Gray is not concerned. In fact his only concern is trying to tackle the hunger problem in his community.

“The money goes to feed homeless people and kids in need, why do you want to tax it,” Gray says. “I don't mind, I will conform only if I can continue to do what I'm doing.”