NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) – A mother is pleading for someone to come forward about her son's death.
21-year-old Jordan Stith was shot and killed in Newport News back in September.

His mother Lolita Frazier traveled all the way up from South Carolina after getting that devastating phone call September 28th.

“I asked if he was dead and I just lost it,” Frazier says. “So I drove here trying to get here quick enough to save him.”

Police are investigating after Stith was found shot dead in Newport News on September 28th.

Police say emergency communications received a call reporting gunshots heard in the area of Wedgewood Drive and Ross Drive around 12:27 a.m.

Upon arrival to the scene, officers found Stith, of Newport News, shot dead in the 100 block of Wedgewood Drive. Stith was shot in his collar bone and right wrist.

Frazier says her son Jordan was gifted, even calling him a lyrical genius.

Many of his friends knew him as Laylo, the rapper.

Frazier says her son had plans, dreams, and all of it was cut short.

“It couldn't have been anything that serious to pull out a gun,” Frazier says. “Why not fight if you have to do something but to pull out a gun to stop someone's heartbeat, you went too far and for that reason I need to see this person.”

After shots were heard in the area, a vehicle was seen leaving the scene.

Authorities conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driving with no lights near J. Clyde Morris Boulevard and Harpersville Road.

According to police, the vehicle was carrying a second victim, a 19-year-old female, who was shot in her right leg.

The woman's injuries are said to be non-life threatening.

The two victims were reportedly at a house party on Ross Drive when gunshots were heard.

Police say there is no suspect information at this time.