NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Overgrown primrose and floating trash have prompted complaints about the condition of Lake Biggins at Huntington Park.

One woman recently shared her concern on social media, hoping to send a message.

“As you can imagine, having all the wildlife here in this area is a blessing,” Ashley Barker told 13News Now. “To see something so beautiful like these turtles eating the trash, it's sad.”

Barker and Amy Jackson are photographers. They noticed the mess while they were taking pictures earlier in the week.

“The trash is affecting the wildlife habitat,” Jackson said.

Kim Lee, spokeswoman for the City of Newport News, said the trash and primrose have been an ongoing problem at the lake.

Crews were out last week spraying the primrose, but they have to spray in phases/get rid of vegetation at an acceptable rate so they don't upset the oxygen levels in the water, or worse, harm any of the wildlife.

Lee told 13News Now the city hopes to get a boat out on the water soon to clean up the mess.

Barker is thrilled to know Newport News is on top of the situation concerning the primrose. She hopes by speaking out about the trash at the lake, it will put an end to the littering problem there.

“Be aware there's something else out there that calls this home other than you,” Barker stated. “We’re here to help and bring awareness and keep this city and the lakes clean."

Crews will be back out next week to kill more of the primrose.