WARNING: Some of the images of the dog's injuries are graphic.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A dog's owners is heartbroken after his four-legged friend passed away Friday night.

Jason Fox said his dog Fenway was attacked during a stay at Coastal Dog Services on Warwick Boulevard.

Fox, his wife, and their 5-year-old daughter were all at the hospital to say goodbye one final time.

13News Now is learning more about Coastal Dog Services.

A spokeswoman for Newport News told 13News Now that animal services recently charged Coastal Dog Services and their kennel manager Jennifer Lewis with Animal Cruelty after a dog died in their care in June.

According to court documents, during that incident, Lewis watched another dog attack that dog and did nothing until the next day.

Part of the complaint states Lewis and Coastal Dog Services failed to provide emergency veterinary treatment. The complaint also says Coastal Dog Services owner, Rick Tvelia knew the attack happened, but took no further action to provide care to the animal.

Fox told 13News Now the family left Fenway there in the past. This time, the Fox's dropped him off at the business the night of August 25. The next day, the kennel manager called to tell them Fenway got his collar stuck in a fence. In the process of trying to break free, Fenway ended up with a small cut over his eye.

Fox said an emergency veterinarian told the family that Fenway's injuries were much worse than what the kennel manager described and that Fenway needed to surgery. When the Foxes eventually saw their dog, they were horrified.

“I'm angry because they tried to downplay it,” Fox stated. “My wife is a wreck, We have a 5-year-old who has no clue what’s going on. She just wants to know where her dog is.”

Fox thinks his dog was attacked by other dogs at the kennel.

Tvelia told 13News Now the injuries were a complete accident. He wasn’t on site at the time of the incident. Tveila said his employees told him when they came outside and found Fenway hurt -- later finding his collar still attached to the fence, they assumed the dog injured himself on the fence.

“When we found the dog with the gash over its eye, we called the owner immediately and took to the clinic. That's all I know,” Tvelia said. “I've been doing this for years, and it was just an accident, and we are very sorry.”

Fox is demanding a change.

“He needs to be shut down, whether he agrees to pay for my animal and the surgeries," Fox said, asking, "but what about other dogs in their care?”

Regina Quinn is an animal activist and the founder of Blue Angles Pitbull Advocacy and Rescue Resource. She's been following Fenway's tragic situation and is now demanding action.

"This is a pattern," Quinn says. "What I hope comes from this is accountability for business owners that have the responsibility for caring for pets."

The Fox's set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Fenway's medical expenses.

Newport News Animal Services is investigating Coastal Dog Services.

Tvelia says he is closing the dog kennel this week. He also says he is paying for the Fox's vet bills. The next court date for Coastal Dog Services is September 6. Lewis' next court date is scheduled for October 4th.

Protestors plan to be outside the courthouse this Wednesday.

Fox posted the announcement of Fenway's death on Facebook.