NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A young author from Newport News is hoping to inspire others by writing her first book that's set to come out soon.

Fresh off her 8th birthday, Mileena B. is still like most kids her age.

Her days are spent around family, the people that know her best. They know the costume she wears, a police hat and shiny badge, isn't just dress-up fun.

The law enforcement costume she so proudly sports is what she envisions for the future. It's an idea Mileena B wrote down in her mind years ago.

"I started when I was three years old," she said.

But now, instead of just thinking about what being a police officer is like, she'll soon live it.

"We're making a book called 'Mia the Honorary Detective'. It's about me trying to get clues to find my brother Oliver who has gone missing," she said.

In her first book, with the help of her father, Christian Lee, Mileena B will become the detective she's always wanted to be.

"Being good, helping people, and beating the bad guys," said Mileena B.

Her father is fully supporting her dream at a young age knowing Mileena B's story may not have a fairy tale ending.

"It breaks my heart," her father said. "She only has one kidney that doesn't work right and as she grows it gets worse so eventually she'll be on a transplant list."

Since adopting her at a young age, Lee and his wife have known health issues have a chance of creeping up later in life, preventing her from being a police officer.

"We realize that through her writing the book, we can make her a detective now. She can become a police officer now," said Lee.

At just 8 years old, her first book is already in the printing process.

"She's knocking out author. She's knocking out police officer," Lee said.

Lee said the book is expected to be ready for distribution by Christmas time and they hope to have them in every police department.

If you'd like to learn more about it or get a copy, click here.