NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Norfolk Public Utilities crews are working to fix water main breaks located in eight different places.

Harry Kenyon with Public Utilities told 13News Now the leaks were reported at the following locations:

  • 21st and Omohundro Ave
  • North Shore Road and Dehlman Road
  • Brickell Road and Briar Hill Road
  • Landale Road and Granby
  • Heutte Drive. and Nancy Drive
  • Hampton Blvd and Greenbrier (three leaks in that general vicinity)

Kenyon said he believes most of the breaks have been caused by the fluctuations in temperature that Hampton Roads has experienced recently.

“Our pipes are made of cast iron,” said Kenyon. “They contract and expand with the temperatures so when it gets real cold, often times what we see are separated joints in our pipes and leaks in our system.”

Norfolk resident Joe Hedrick said he’s frustrated that the water main break located at North Shore Road and Dehlman road hasn’t been repaired after more than 24 hours.

“The city is wasting my money when my water bill goes up because there’s more water going out then there’s paid coming in,” said Hedrick. “They’re going to up my water bill and it's going out into the river.”

The water main breaks at 21st and Omohundro Ave, Brickell Road and Briar Hill Road and Landale Road and Granby.

Kenyon said crews will work throughout the weekend to complete the rest of the repairs.