NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- 13News Now confirmed Thursday that the federal government is investigating former Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe and issued subpoenas in the case.

City Attorney Bernard Pishko said that his office received a subpoena recently. The subpoena requests information about contracts the Norfolk City Jail had with outside vendors and about the the jail's finances.

Norfolk Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Kaila DiRienzo provided 13News Now with a copy of the subpoena received by NSO, writing, in part:

In the interest of continued transparency, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office will be providing the subpoena served on the organization for records in an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Office of the U.S. Attorney. The Norfolk Sheriff's Office is fully complying with the subpoena requests.

The subpoena directs NSO to turn over documents related to McCabe, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office, and Correct Care Solutions, LLC, as well as other vendors.

"They know what they are looking for, they just haven't found it yet," said attorney Kevin Duffan. Duffan explained, "The fact that they subpoenaed 13 different things with subparts really means they are casting a net and they are looking at contracts or financial types of situation, whether or not they are going to find something, we will all have to wait and see. "

Correct Care Solutions' Web site states:

We are an international leader in public healthcare with nearly 11,000 professionals working in 38 states across the U.S. and Australia. We provide medical and behavioral health services for nearly 250,000 patients located in state hospitals, forensic treatment and civil commitment centers, as well as local, state and federal correctional facilities.

McCabe held his position as sheriff for 23 years. He announced his retirement in December 2016.

McCabe said he would step down from the role effective February 1, 2017.

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