NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- New signs could make it easier to get around on foot in Norfolk.

The city's Architectural Review Board will meet Thursday to discuss adding new wayfinding signs. The signs are meant to help downtown visitors with directions and information.

"It really is a benefit to all of our businesses in downtown if we can connect people better from different destinations, because you truly can park once in our downtown and then walk to so many places," said Mary Miller, president of the Downtown Norfolk Council. The council is paying $20,000 to study the signage project.

The group will review the best design to what's written and placement. Miller said that in phase one, signs will be put up from the river to McArthur Center.

"And then also to install monolith signs at key locations, where people have to make a choice as to maybe where they're gonna turn," she said.

Included in the proposal are maps in the parking garages, a digital guide linked to cell phones and an interactive map inside a hotel lobby.

Miller tells 13News Now the council does not have the money to implement the program and wants the city to fund it. They are crunching the numbers for the implementation costs.