NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- As cities across Hampton Roads are still cleaning up after the storm, Norfolk leaders are evaluating their response.

On Tuesday, in some spots there's still snow and ice and in others, slush.

Jim Redick, Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response director, is constantly evaluating how the city handles extreme situations. This time, he is taking a look at the snowstorm.

"There will be an after action report, we'll highlight the things that have gone well, and we'll address the things that we need to improve," said Redick.

Norfolk crews worked in 12-hour shifts using brine salt and sand. The ice beneath the snow was a challenge to plows.

"You can only plow to a certain degree, but if there's so much ice, it's not gonna go anywhere," he added.

13News Now reporter Elise Brown asked Redick if he thinks the city should take a look at buying more snow removal equipment. The city has 22 plows and 17 spreaders.

"There's always the talk about having more investment in the equipment, and that's a conversation that we're willing to have. It's all about the climatology, the infrequency of the event, the willingness of the taxpayer to invest more in that," said Redick.

The city doesn't plow neighborhood roads. A spokeswoman says it's because plowing equipment is large and streets narrow.

From plow operators to those helping the homeless, Redick says he's proud of the teamwork.

In the coming days, Redick wants to hear from the community on what they feel could be improved.