NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- A group of neighbors in Norfolk say they are regularly waking up to drunk drivers swerving into parked cars in the middle of the night.

In many cases, the car owners are left to pay for the damage themselves. It's happening in the neighborhood off of Eagle Avenue in Norfolk. It's surrounded by Little Creek Road and Chesapeake Boulevard. A map shows several bars nearby.

One of the latest damaged cars on Eagle Avenue belongs to Kenneth Keel. The tailgate of his truck is broken and there are dents from someone hitting it while driving drunk.

“I was kind of like, 'Man, this is the second time,'” said Keel. "When I came out that morning about 5 a.m., the license plate to that vehicle was sitting in front of my car.”

Keel said the first time his car was hit, it was a total loss with no arrest “because [the suspected drunk driver] was not found behind the wheel.”

However, the drunk driver's insurance paid for his new truck. So he said for this to happen to him again is, “just crazy.”

Now, he has his truck parked on his lawn so his replacement vehicle doesn't get hit yet again.

“I'm just at the point at the end of my rope here,” said Keel.

With this second incident, Keel said he must use his own money to fix replacement car because he wasn't given the original police report with the name of the person who hit his car.

Keel said it's frustrating because their residential road on Eagle Avenue is surrounded by busy streets. His daughter, grandkids, and other family members live on this street as well.

He said more than three other people in the neighborhood have had their cars hit by a person driving while under the influence. So, the family is speaking up for the neighbors.

“Somebody's going to get hurt and or killed and I don't want to see that happen, and if we can make a difference on that, I'm all for it,” said Keel.

The family said hopefully this story opens a conversation between the neighborhood and possibly the city before it's too late.