NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- About five months after the first vandalism, and the city of Norfolk is back cleaning graffiti off the same confederate monument.

The first time, in May, the word 'Shame' was written in yellow spray paint. This time, Norfolk Police said the words 'number two better luck never,' was sprayed on the statue in red.

Police said the crime happened between midnight and 3 o'clock Monday morning.

This is the second time in recent months the monument was vandalized. Back in May, someone spray painted "SHAME" on the statue.

"I saw it (the graffiti) around 7:30, 8:00 AM and that's when a lot of other people started taking pictures," said Zack Bowen. He said he works nearby the statue in downtown.

City crews jumped into cleaning shortly after the vandalism was reported, but discussion around the confederate monument, in the community, continues.

"I think it's kind of really disrespectful," said Zack. "In a lot of different ways."

"I think this is a time of history where it's great to see a lot of us want things changed," said one vandalism witness, Lisa Washington-Sue.

"Personally I like it because it's drawing everybody's attention to it," said Timothy White, another man who spotted the graffiti.

Many we talked to believe this second defacing will bring change. Timothy said he saw the statue after both acts of vandalism. He said, "It was really funny, I took a picture of it and sent it to everybody I knew."

Norfolk City council spoke about the monument in their August 22 meeting, after the Charlottesville rally turned violent.

"Our coconscious is that the time has now come to move the monument," said Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander.

In that meeting, Mayor Alexander also said, "In 1927, 1930, and again in 1958 there were proposals to move the monument to other locations ultimately that didn’t happen."

But maybe this time, will be the final wash before moving the controversial statue.

City council says the 110 year old statue will be moved out of downtown. It might be relocated to the Elmwood cemetery, but a city spokeswoman says they need "state laws to permit it first."

Norfolk Police is ask for the publics help. Anyone with information should call the Crime Line‪ 1-888-LOCK-U-UP‬.

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