NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- One man was killed, and another seriously injured after being hit by an alleged drunk driver on West Little Creek Road.

It was almost 1 a.m. on Friday August 12, when Jordan Zimmerman and his friend Quetel Sellers were hit by an alleged drunk driver.

The two Old Dominion University students were on their way to Seller's home. The crash happened just a few hundred yards from his apartment.

"It was just a terrible accident," said Tom Crouch, a retired police officer who witnessed the crash. "It was car parts and everything all over the place."

<p>Paul Fraki</p>

Tom ran outside and saw the alleged drunk driver Paul Fraki, a 21-year-old Marine.

Crouch said that due to his years of training and experience that he felt Fraki was probably intoxicated.

"He kept trying to get up and I said you need to sit down or I'm gonna make you sit down."

According to our partners at The Virginian Pilot, the prosecutor told the judge that Fraki was driving nearly 70 miles per hour when the crash occurred, almost twice the speed limit. Also, two hours after the crash Fraki's blood alcohol content was .3. That is nearly four times over the legal limit.

Crouch then turned his attention to the other truck, described as a mangled mess. That truck had two Old Dominion University students trapped inside.

Those students were Jordan Zimmerman and Quetel Sellers.

Crouch attempted to help the students, using his officer training.

"I reposition him by holding his neck to get his airways open," said Crouch. "As soon as it did, he was breathing."

Jordan Zimmerman was killed in the crash.

Days later Sellers woke up in the hospital.

"I didn't really know what was going on or why I was in the hospital," said Sellers. "I really don't remember anything."

Sellers was hospitalized for over a week, he was suffering from spleen damage, brain bleeds, a broken shoulder, and broken ribs.

For days he didn't even know that someone else was in the car with him that night.

"Everyone was hiding it from me at first cause the doctors told them if I had found out it could have messed with my healing process."

Sellers had no idea, until he saw something on his mother's cell phone, a Go Fund Me page. The page was set up for both Sellers and Zimmerman.

When Seller's asked why Zimmerman was in the picture too friends, family, doctors, and nurses dodged his questions.

It wasn't until one night when a group of friends came to Seller's side to tell him what had happened.

"I couldn't believe it," Seller's said. "All I really could do was cry."

Even thinking back on that moment was tough, recalling the event with tears in his eyes.

"We hung out almost every day," Seller's said when speaking about his friend Jordan Zimmerman. "We worked together too and we were literally together pretty much all the time."

Zimmerman was a criminal justice major at ODU. He had just been accepted into law school and was excited about the baby he was expecting with his girlfriend Kia.

Kia told 13News Now that she not only lost the father of her child, but her best friend. She said that Zimmerman was never an angry person, and he wouldn't want anyone to be angry about this situation.

Their child is expected to be born on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Fraki has been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Driving While Intoxicated. He was denied bond Wednesday.

Sellers says that he is trying not to be angry, instead focusing on getting his message out.

"I just want everybody to be aware that drunk driving is real and you can really lose your life like that, and you just shouldn't put yourself in that situation."

OCU NAACP will be holding a vigil for Zimmerman on Sunday. People will be collecting donations of baby clothes and money for Zimmerman's family. If you would like to donate but cannot attend the vigil visit the families Go Fund Me page.

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