NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Selden Arcade in Norfolk is trying to attract up and coming businesses by offering a space for them to grow and flourish downtown. It's called Selden Market.

This past weekend, entrepreneurs got a better idea of costs, and what the space will look like at an open house.

The incubator will feature mentors who will be by new entrepreneurs sides, guiding them along the way. "Business planning or accounting, or how do you manage employees when your business grows, merchandising," said Mary Miller, with the Downtown Norfolk Council, the group overseeing the project.

"There are several different price points for entry into the retail incubator, so there's a mentor space, there's different size incubator spaces, and then there's also pop-up spaces," added Miller.

The price is as follows: Incubator Storefront, $225-$325 per month; Mentor Storefronts, $500-$900 per month; Pop-up booths $100 per week to $300 per month. Miller says in total there are 11 storefronts, not including pop-up space.

If you're interested in applying, you need to do so by July 13th. You can visit

Miller gave advice on how applicants can stand out.

"Have something that's unique, locally crafted. Something that is not maybe necessarily currently present in downtown."