NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Sentara Healthcare is sending out a warning about a scam that targets the elderly.

According to Dale Gauding, Communications Advisor for Sentara Healthcare, the most recent incident happened this week in the Poplar Halls neighborhood.

Gauding says two women falsely claimed to be with Sentara Home Care Services, when they walked into the 93 year-old victim's house.

"One claims she is pregnant and needs to sit down. The women asked the homeowner for tea. One created a diversion while the other apparently looked for valuables and stole cash from the victim’s purse," Gauding wrote in an email.

This isn't the first time Sentara Healthcare has been made aware of this scam. Incidents have been reported in February 2015 and October 2013.

Sentara Home Health and Hospice wants people to know the facts about their program:

  • We do not show up unannounced and ask for entry to your home.
  • We wear distinctive hard plastic photo ID badges.
  • Anyone with doubts can call 757-553-3000 to verify identity.
  • We do not ask for tea or other hospitality.
  • Our nurses and other professionals are focused on providing clinical services.
  • We do not perform non-clinical services such as transportation to appointments.
  • If the people at your door cause you alarm, call 911.