NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Norfolk saw some extreme flooding over the weekend, thanks to Hurricane Matthew.

Now, city crews are out surveying the damage to try and put together a total.

The director of Emergency Management, James Redick, says if the damages come out to be around $876,000, then Norfolk could qualify for FEMA aid.

"If we reach that threshold, we could be eligible for some sort of federal assistance," says Redick. "It could be individual assistance for folks to make repairs to their homes, or it could be public assistance, where the government could make improvements to roads and infrastructure."

Redick says the cost alone to pump out the water from the flooded underpasses like the one on Tidewater Drive will be very high.

The city has crews going throughout the Downtown, Ghent, and Ocean View neighborhoods which got hit the hardest. Emergency management says they were ready for this storm; they were on alert and quickly opened a storm shelter.

One home was destroyed and dozens others were damaged, according to a report released by the city Monday evening.

The city has until Wednesday to tally up the storm-related costs to submit to the governor's office.

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