NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) – Two dogs are recovering after being shot by a pellet gun.

"I just can't... words can't describe how agitated I am," explained Troy Lewis.

It happened Wednesday and Thursday off 52nd Street in the Highland Park area of Norfolk.

Lewis was watching the two dogs for a family friend while they were out of town. He says every day, the dogs were allowed to wander in the backyard.

"We have a six-foot privacy fence all around the back yard, with small windows with wire mesh over top of it," Lewis explained.

When Lewis arrived home from work, he expected both dogs to be tired. He didn’t expect one to be injured.

Lewis explained, “I saw a small pool of blood on the floor, figured it out, saw it and took him to the vet, and they gave him an x-ray. They told me there was a pellet in there."

PHOTOS: Dogs shot in Norfolk back yard

The very next day, Lewis went back to work and said he kept the injured dog in his crate. When he arrived back home at the end of the day, the other dog was injured. The vet confirmed a pellet was found in the second dog.

"They said it's more serious and, it puts the dog at risk to take it out, so they prefer to leave it where it is," Lewis said. "The other one was removable, but was right by his spine."

Both pups are expected to survive and be OK, but Lewis said he wants answers.

"If my dogs are bothering someone, I want them to at least talk to me so that I can fix the problem versus harming an innocent dog.”

13News Now reached out to Norfolk Police. We are told the case was turned over to Animal Control.

Lewis hopes they catch whoever is responsible.