PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- Deep down, Jazz is still a puppy.

"He'll be 5 on November 25th," said Annee Smith, Jazz's owner and handler.

His energy keeps Smith young too. But this service dog, which helps Smith, who is diabetic and also has an autoimmune disorder is in need, himself.

"I would do anything for him," she said. "He needs a neurologist."

Smith said Jazz hasn't been able to exercise because his legs give out, his paws go in the air, and he falls over.

The vet has recommended Jazz see a neurologist after his blood work came back normal. If left untreated, Smith fears it may not end well for Jazz.

"I don't know how to...you can't just replace a member of your family," Smith said.

It's devastating for the family that it's come to this, considering what they say Jazz has overcome already, since he was just a puppy.

"He was advertised on Craigslist as snake food in Everett, Washington," said Smith. She bought him in 2012.

Saved from a bad beginning, only to face this very expensive road bump.

Smith said a neurologist visit with tests costs more than $2,000 and she's hoping people out there can help Jazz, the way he's helped his family.

"I know to a lot of people it's just a dog, but he's not just a dog to us. He's our family," Smith said. "He's given us so much."

If you'd like to help Jazz, click here.