PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- Portsmouth city council officially ended an issue that caused quite the stir in the city last year.

Council voted on Tuesday to eliminate their ability to distribute a $1,500 fine with a majority vote.

Last year, Councilman Bill Moody received a fine after council said he violated the confidentiality of a closed meeting. Moody went on to sue the city over the fine, while the ACLU began reviewing the legality of the city council policy. A judge ultimately ruled in the councilman's favor, but Moody says the defense has not fulfilled the judge's order to settle his attorney fees.

The council voted 5-1 to remove measure, with Councilman Mark Whitaker the lone vote against it. Due to the ongoing litigation, Councilman Moody abstained from the vote and removed himself from the chambers as the vote was held.

Also on Tuesday, Councilman Paige D. Cherry was unanimously elected the city's new Vice Mayor by the city council, replacing Councilwoman Elizabeth Psimas.

The next court date concerning Councilman Moody's lawsuit is slated for January 30th.

Motion in Councilman Moody's lawsuit