SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- After several days of searching, Suffolk police said that crews finally recovered the body of a missing man in the water near Constant's Wharf Wednesday afternoon.

53-year-old Derek Cason last was seen Sunday morning on North Main Street, wearing a McDonald's uniform and a green coat.

His family said he was on his way to work at McDonald's when he went missing.

Investigators believe Cason had been walking along the road where signs warned of high water following the torrential rains of Hurricane Matthew.

Despite conditions, as a dedicated McDonald's employee, he attempted to get to work.

"We loved him. He loved his family and we all knew how dedicated he was about getting to work no matter what," said his sister, Delicia Barber.

The family said police notified them within an hour of finding his body. His mother said she is heartbroken over his death.

"This is my little family so one's gone, and it's my child. It's big," said Nancy Stewart about her only son.

Cason's family said after his death, they want others to know the dangers that come with flooding like this.

"If you see any water, especially if it's crossing the highway, don't go near it. Don't go through it," said Barber.

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