VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A former church employee accused of placing his cell phone under a urinal at the church and using it to record children in a restroom is facing charges.

Virginia Beach police arrested 20-year-old Dillon Bernard Jacobs on August 17. Jacobs faces four counts of Unlawfully Filming Children.

A boy said he found a cell phone in the men's restroom of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church, recording bathroom activity.

Court records state that the alleged incident took place on April 6 and that meetings were taking place at the church that day. A number of people were in the building.

The boy who said he found the phone under the urinal told a church staff member who then called police.

Two days later, detectives interviewed Jacobs, the owner of the phone. The part-time church employee told police he left his phone and jacket in the men's room by accident.

The boy who found it said the phone's camera lens clearly was angled toward the urinal. Only the lens portion was showing. It was on and recording.

The pastor of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church said the church fired the part-time employee immediately when it found out about the allegation.

The senior pastor of Virginia Beach United Methodist Church wouldn't disclose Jacobs' former position with the church, but he said the church thoroughly vetted him before it hired him.

The congregation’s safety committee reviewed the matter and planned to make changes to policies and procedures that it deemed necessary.

Jacobs had a bond hearing Monday, August 21. A judge granted him $5,000 bond and said that Jacobs could not have contact with minors, could not use a computer or cell phone, and could not work as a lifeguard.