VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Governor Terry McAuliffe had a strong reaction and strong words after President Donald Trump decided to pull out from the Paris Accord.

McAuliffe said former President Barack Obama worked way too hard for Trump to leave.

"This guy comes in that you elect and doesn't have a clue about the climate, doesn't have a clue about many things and walks away from this agreement. We now join Syria and Nicaragua," explained McAuliffe.

Over the years, McAuliffe has promoted solar energy along with renewable energy options.

While at a bill signing Thursday, McAuliffe said, "For Donald Trump, with his head in the sand, and to alienate the global community, it is about our environment and our jobs of the 21st Century.”

McAuliffe's concerns are for the military, which drives our economy.

"I work hard to protect this naval base we have here, and at some point they could move it to higher area," he stated, noting that sea level rise and flooding issues are a real concern in Hampton Roads in general.

"We just got a new report back, by 2050 the moderate range, 225 days of flooding," McAuliffe explained.

Trump did say that the United States may re-enter the agreement by possibly negotiating a deal he feels is fair, and he is asking Democrats to join him in the effort.